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Guillow's Jetstream Rubber Band Airplane With Wheels Model Plane Jetstream Rubbband - Case of 18

Plane made from Balsa wood. Easy to fly rubberband powered airplane with a 13-1/4'' wing span. Flies hand launches or right off the ground. Colorfully printed wing, canopy and tail surfaces. Formed wire landing gear, plastic propeller and nose bearing. Ideal for contest flyer.

Our Price: $112.14
Guillow's Sky Streak Rubber Band Airplane Model Plane Rubber Band Powerd - Case of 24

Rubber band plane made from Balsa wood. Easy to fly rubbe rband powered airplane has a one piece wing with a built-in dihedral. Propeller and nose bearing made of high impact plastic.

Our Price: $129.60
Guillow's Sky Raider Hand Launched Glider Plane Model Plane Skyraider 24in Wng - Case of 12

Plane made from foam. Glider plane with large 24'' wing span. Can be thrown by a strong arm for large looping flights or gently tossed for a long floating glide.

Our Price: $137.88
Guillow's Jetfire Hand Launched Glider Model Plane Jetfire Balsa Wood - Case of 48

Hand launched plane made from Balsa wood. A high performance flyer with the style of a jet fighter. Large 12'' wing span with a built in dihedral. Colorful style prints on the wing, tail surfaces and canopy. 3 years and up.

Our Price: $179.52
Guillow's 77 Hand and Rubberband Plane Kit Guillow's 77 Hand and Rubberband Plane Kit

Assortment of gliders and planes. Easy to fly. Display contains 12 of each: Starfire glider, Sky Streak airplane, Jetfire glider and Jet-Stream airplane. Display size set up: 9-1/2" x 6" x 17".

Our Price: $237.89