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Sharp EL233SB Pocket Calculator Sharp EL233SB Pocket Calculator, EL233SB, Battery, LCD, 8 mm

Easy-to-hold, ergonomically-contoured body, and easy-to-use rounded square keys. Independently accessible 3-key memory with memory plus, memory minus, and recall/clear memory keys. Extra-large plus key for quick entry. 1-touch percent and square root keys. Large, easy-to-read LCD display. Battery powered, operates on LR1130 x 1 battery. Flat viewing angle. 2-3/8" x 4-1/16" x 5/16", 1.2 ounces.

Our Price: $3.80
Sharp EL310TB Mini Desktop Calculator VICTOR EL310WB Heavy Duty Mini Desktop Calculator, 8 Digits, 14 mm x LCD Display, Solar and Battery, Plastic

Glass top design, twin-powered, solar cell and 1 LR44 battery, included. Extra large 8-digit LCD slant display. Automatically switches from solar to battery power in low light. Tax keys, 3-key memory, includes memory plus, memory minus and recall/clear memory keys. Includes percent key, constant, and auto power off. 3.4" width x 4.6" height x 1.1" depth, 3 ounces.

Our Price: $10.05
Sharp EL501XBWH Scientific Calculator Sharp EL501XBWH Scientific Calculator, EL501XBWH, Battery, LCD

Performs 131 scientific and math functions with a large, easy to read display. 1 memory, 10-digit, 1-line LCD display, protective case. Continuous calculation for students studying general math, pre-algebra, algebra, and trigonometry. Power supplied by two LR1130 batteries, included.

Our Price: $11.05
Sharp EL-2192RII Calculator with Printer Sharp EL-2192RII Calculator with Printer, EL2192RII, AC, Fluorescent, 12 mm

Large display, 4 key independent memory. 12-digit blue fluorescent display with punctuation includes floating (F) or fixed decimals (6,3,2,1,0) adding mode, item count, print and non-print settings, and round up/down selector. Prints at approximately 2.5 lines/second in 2 colors (positive numbers in black, negative numbers in red) on standard size paper rolls. Features tax keys, grand total/rate setting selector and one-touch change calculation to display and print the change owed. 7.6" width x 10.04" depth x 2.38" height. AC power.

Our Price: $87.81
Sharp EL1197PIII Desktop Calculator with Printer Sharp EL1197PIII Desktop Calculator with Printer, EL1197PIII, AC, Fluorescent, 14 mm

Bright blue fluorescent display with 3-digit punctuation. Floating(F)/fixed(6,3,2,1,0) decimal point, adding mode (A). Minus sign, error and memory indicators. Power switch with print/item count mode selector, decimal selector control, constant/add mode, rounding, and grand total/rate setting selectors. Prints approximately 4.5 lines/second. 8-3/4" width x 12-7/8" depth x 3-1/16" height, 4.08 pounds. Includes 1 paper roll, 1 ink ribbon installed, and operation manual. AC power.

Our Price: $109.47