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TORCH BRASS KIT TWO PIECE     Torch Brass Kit Two Piece - Case of 3

Delivers a fine, concentrated flame or pinpoint heating; adjustable flame knob allows for flame control and fuel economy. General uses: soldering pipe; soft solder; thawing pipes; removing paint, tile and putty; lighting pilots and grills. Kit includes: Brass pencil tip torch and propane cylinder.

Our Price: $46.50
TORCH BUTANE MULTI PURPOSE    Dremel 2200-01 Versa Flame Torch Kits, Butane

Integrated ignition button for easy startup, no independent ignition tool required; variable temperature and flame control for verstile use in both torch and flame mode; 9-piece for wide array of verstile applications; detachable base for hands-free operation; premium quality for long life, durability; filling valve for quick recharge.

Our Price: $49.57
TORCH KIT SELF LIGHTING       Torch Kit Self Lighting - Case of 2

Regulated self-lighting propane torch features a stainless steel burn tube for strength and an ergonomic handle providing comfort and durability. The regulated valve delivers the highest quality and consistent triple point flame while operating the torch at any angle. The fuel control knob provides control and economy. Auto igniter for instant flame. Kit includes a 14.1 oz. disposable propane fuel cylinder.

Our Price: $59.92
TORCH BRASS KIT PLUMBERS      Torch Brass Kit Plumbers - Case of 3

Ideal for basic plumbing jobs; the kit contains the MT 200 torch head (sku # 786.1859), 14.1 oz. propane fuel, solder, flux, flux brush; kit also comes with a handy carry case that will easily holds your torch, fuel and accessories.

Our Price: $69.42
TORCH KIT SELF LIGHTING       Torch Kit Self Lighting - Case of 3

Creates a high intensity triple point flame. The fuel tube swivels 360 degrees; all brass valve with brass control knob; package includes the torch and a 14.1 oz. propane cylinder.

Our Price: $72.96
TORCH KIT DELUXE W/CASE BRASS Torch Kit Deluxe W/Case Brass - Case of 3

Delivers a fine concentrated flame for pinpoint heating. Kit contains an alternate brush flame tip and orifice for broader less direct heat application. An all brass frame spreader can be used to create the widest style flame when needed. All components, including a spark lighter with extra flint renewals can be stored in the custom injected molded carry case. (1) 14.1 oz disposable propane fuel cylinder is included.

Our Price: $93.57
TORCH KIT W/CASE BRAZE/WELD   Torch Kit W/Case Braze/Weld - Case of 2

A brazing/cutting/welding torch kit which features a torch with 2 brass fuel valves: 1 for MAP/Pro and a regulated valve for oxygen; the torch is capable of delivering flame at over 5000 degrees F; braze up tp 1/2" steel; weld up to 3/16" steel; cuts 5/8" bolts and 3/16" steel; works only with MAP/Pro and Oxygen fuels; the torch kit includes the torch and 4-1/2' flexible hose, as well as a carry case with a built in stand both MAP/Pro and Oxygen cylinders, welding rods and a flint spark lighter.

Our Price: $129.44
TORCH KIT 3-IN-1 PROFESSIONAL Torch Kit 3-In-1 Professional - Case of 3

Contains a MAP/Pro torch head with 3 interchangeable tips (extreme swirl tip, standard swirl tip and pencil point tip); using spin lock technology the user can easily change fuel nozzle and tips ranging from a pencil point flame to the standard swirl flame up to the extreme silver swirl flame; with the interchangeable tips the user can have a pencil tip flame for precise, smaller jobs and tight working spaces; the standard swirl works great for most applications and the extreme silver swirl flame will allow the user to tackle larger jobs (soft solder up to 3" copper fittings) or accomplish smaller jobs more quickly; the custom blow-molded carrying case can carry the torch head, all of the accessory tips as well as up to two fuel cylinders. Kit contents: "Professional On-Demand MAP/Pro" torch with fuel flow adjustment (sku #s 786.1701, 786.1719); extreme swirl tip; standard swirl tip; pencil point tip; 14.1 oz. MAP/Pro cylinder and a custom blow molded case.

Our Price: $182.19