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Woodstream OCT-3 Octenol Insect Attractant Woodstream OCT-3 Octenol Insect Attractant, For Use With All Mosquito Magnet Traps

Lures biting insects to Mosquito magnet traps and away from you and your family. Attracts mosquitos, no-see-ums and biting midges, including those which may carry the West Nile virus.

Our Price: $26.75
Woodstream LUREX3N Insect Attractant Woodstream LUREX3N Insect Attractant, For Use With Mosquito Magnet Traps

Biting insect attractant for mosquito magnet traps. Designed to  attract hard to catch species such as the Asian tiger mosquito. Improves catch rate on targeted species that may carry the West Nile virus and the heartworm disease. Replace every 21 days.

Our Price: $28.91
TRAP INSECT INDOOR 1000 SQ FT Dynatrap DT250IN Insect Trap, 1000 sq-ft, UV Fluorescent Lamp, 110 V

Portable indoor insect trap attracts and kills mosquitoes and other nuisance flying insects including pantry moths, flies and Asian beetles. Protects up to 1,250 sq. ft. Pesticide and odor free. Whisper quiet operation. No zapping or buzzing. No expensive attractant or propane required. Easy to set up. A UV fluorescent bulb generates a warm light, attracting insects. Then a second lure produces CO2 (the same gas we emit when we exhale) that attracts the insects. Third, a powerful, yet whisper quiet vacuum fan sucks insects into the retaining cage where they dehydrate and die. A unique twist on/off feature ensures that any insects still alive in the retaining cage won't escape when the trap is turned off.  7' cord. Trap weighs only 2.13 lbs and is about the size of a large thermos, enabling portability from room to room and unobtrusive set up.

Our Price: $98.78
Patriot MM4100 Corded Magent Trap Patriot MM4100 Corded Magent Trap

Trap covers up to 1 acre. Easy 3-step assembly.

Our Price: $351.91
Executive MM3300 Cordless Magnet Trap Executive MM3300 Cordless Magnet Trap

Easy to read LCD panel on the front of the unit offers enhanced diagnostics and 5 different user friendly setting options. Including 4 fuel saving modes that extend the life of your propane tank. "Learns" to differentiate days and nights and features a temp indicator that will automatically start up or power down the trap when the temperature reading is above 50 degrees. Covers up to 1 acre.

Our Price: $838.49